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My top 5 reasons explained:

  1. Sets you apart from your competition: Home staging provides a strategic marketing strategy by carefully repackaging your home into a product for sale. Decorating your home to sell is very different from decorating your home to live. 

  2. Increases the aesthetic of your online listing photos: Staged houses photograph better and give a better first impression. This greatly impacts your home's online presence. People first decide which houses they want to view based on the photos they see online. By having beautiful online photos you create more interest for showings, increasing the likelihood of a faster sale.

  3. Helps form an emotional connection: Homebuyers decide to buy based on emotion and how the home makes them feel. Home staging helps to form that emotional connection with homebuyers by helping them visualize what it could look like to live there.

  4. Helps to bypass carrying costs and price reductions: Typically when a home sits on the market too long you will be expected to drop your price, not to mention you will still be responsible for all the carrying costs until the home sells. Home staging can help you sell your home faster which saves you money by avoiding further carrying costs and price reductions.

  5. Increases the potential to sell your home for more money: Home staging gives your home the opportunity to look its absolute best and attract homebuyers. The more interest it creates, the more potential for multiple and very competitive offers, which in turn can result in selling your home for more money.

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